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Welcome to Princess Dance Products

Princess Dance Products was developed and conceived by Miwa. She has two daughters who adore ballet/dance very much.  Miwa worked as a costume director as a volunteer at the ballet school which her daughters went for almost four years.  In addition to that, she designs and arranges what her daughters need for their ballet classes/performances and competitions!  For example, practice romantic & classical tutus, ballet bags, ballet shoes, competition costumes and more.

*Some of her designs and costume pictures are bellow.

Ballet/Dance shoes organizer bags

When Miwa looked at her daughter's ballet bag, she realized there are so many bags for ballet flat shoes, pointe shoes and character shoes.  In addition to that, she has to bring pins, elastics, nets, hair brush for her ballet bun, pointe shoes toe pads, exercise band and more. Her daughter's bag looked like one big pile of junk! Then she envisioned the design and made it so that her daughter could organize all small ballet products.  

She has made to order by her daughters' friends' requests before but since so many people requested Ballet/Dance shoes organizer bags, she decided to take orders from other beautiful dancers.  All bags are made to order and we limit to less than 6 bags/each unique fabric.  There are only less than 6 dancers that can have same bag as you in the world!  

Practice Romantic Tutu

Coming Soon....

About Miwa: She used to work as a sales/marketing for a large enterprise for 7 years in Tokyo, Japan.  After she moved to the United States, she worked as a costumes director, web marketing specialist and two daughters' mother.  She was also a dancer, too.  While she danced, her mother sewed her costumes, so she has been influenced by her mother.  She has designed and made a lot of costumes, clothes, bags, a wedding dress and a cocktail dress for her wedding, and more.  She went to the tutu workshop and seminar to learn how to make a professional classical tutu in summer 2014.  She started designing and making professional costumes and competition costumes officially after the seminar.  


Our Products

Each of the products is designed and professionally made by Miwa.  


Your needs and ideas

We would like to hear what you want for your ballet/dance life so we welcome you to send us messages.  If you have great ideas or if you want us to design and make products for you, please contact us at any time!  

Your pictures with our products

 We LOVE to see your pictures with your products and how you are using our products.  Welcome to share on Facebook, Instagram, and other SNS.  If you don't mind, we would like to put your pictures on our website, Facebook and Instagram so please send us your pictures by sending an email with your approval for exposure on the internet and your short story with our products (optional) .

Our email: princess.dance.products@gmail.com

Questions & Comments

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.


"La Fille Mal Gardee" , Youth American Grand Prix SF, 1st Place & a Finalist for YAGP NYC Final


”The Talisman” Youth American Grand Prix SF, 1st Place & a Finalist for YAGP NYC Final


"Don Quixote, Kitri Act 3 variation" 1st Place & a Finalist for YAGP NYC Final